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The More You Know™

While I’m watching an artificial (but completely real and frightening) crisis unfold, I started thinking about another real and frightening crisis of our own making, and about the fact that many of the same people involved in the former crisis … Continue reading


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Big Numbers and Really Big Numbers

Astronomy and cosmology involve some big numbers: a hundred million miles to the sun; six trillion miles in a light-year; two million light-years — ten billion billion miles, a one with 19 zeros after it — to the nearest galaxy. … Continue reading


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How Do We Know That Science Works?

Here’s a question I’ve gotten several times since starting this blog a few days ago (and several dozen times over the last few years):1 “Scientists make a lot of noise about being ‘objective’ and using data to determine the truth, … Continue reading


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Faking It

This post refers to an old banner image, which you can find here. What’s that picture up there at the top of the page? The easy answer is that it’s a computer-generated image from the Millennium Simulation of what we … Continue reading

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